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Final Farewell: The Culture of Death and the Afterlife

Journey to the Field of Reeds: Death and the Afterlife in Ancient Egypt

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Canopic Jar Inscribed for Pa-di-HorCanopic Jar Inscribed for Pa-di-Hor

Canopic jars held the vital internal organs of the mummified deceased. This canopic jar’s inscription indicates it held the deceased’s lungs, which should be guarded by Horus’ son, Hapy, and the goddess Nephthys. But the lid depicts another of Horus’ sons, Imsety, who normally guards the liver. Apparently the wrong lid was placed on the jar.

Canopic Jar Inscribed for Pa-di-Hor
Egyptian, Dynasty 26, ca. 664–525 B.C.E.
Lent by the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
res. 22.233a–b
Gift of the estate of Mrs. Francis Cabot Lowell

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