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Family Visits

Tips for a Family Visit

The Tips for a Family Visit download (in Word) provides details for the tips below. Also available for download is Information for Visitors with Small Children, which gives details for visitors with babies and toddlers.

  1. Allow children time to look, ask questions, and discuss the art with you.

  2. Avoid Museum Feet. Sit down with children to focus on one piece of art.

  3. Visit galleries that coincide with what the children are studying at school or where their interests lie.

  4. Play Museum or Gallery Games. The Museum has several printed guides for self-led tours, available at the information desk at the entrance to the upstairs galleries.

  5. After the visit, look for opportunities to continue learning and reinforce the experience.

Museum Manners

Please remind your family of Museum Manners:

  1. Walk through the galleries – and look in the direction you are walking;
  2. Keep your voice respectful in volume and tone;
  3. Keep your hands to yourself; touching objects can damage them;
  4. Food and drink are not allowed in the upstairs galleries;
  5. Photography of objects is limited and subject to the approval of the Museum staff;
  6. Use pencils only when writing/drawing;
  7. Backpacks, book bags, and umbrellas are not permitted in the galleries – space is provided near the information desk for storage of these items.
  8. Please use your cell phone outside of the Museum.

Self-led tours

Visitors are always welcome to tour the exhibitions independently. Groups of ten or more are, however, requested to schedule their visit at least one week in advance by calling the Museum of Art and Archaeology at 573-882-3591. Gallery Guides for self-led tours can be found at the information desk at the entrance to the upstairs galleries.

Please plan ahead. Reservations are required for all group tours including self-led tours of ten or more.

Flashlight Tours

Parents and caregivers and their children are invited to schedule a Flashlight Tour at the Museum of Art and Archaeology. Flashlight tours are a unique, fun and exciting way to experience the Museum. With flashlights and clue sheets in hand, visitors carefully explore a darkened gallery for artifacts. Flashlights will be provided, although you are welcome to bring your own. After sufficient exploration time, visitors regroup to confirm their findings while learning about and discussing didactic information about those objects.

Flashlight Tours are free and ideal for preschoolers through fifth grade. To schedule a Flashlight Tour for a group of 10 or more, contact the Museum at 573-882-3591.


Scheduled events at the Museum of Art and Archaeology are listed on the Calendar. Events are open to the public and free, unless otherwise noted.

Event Cancellation Policy
The Museum of Art and Archaeology reserves the right to cancel events due to poor weather, low registration, or other unforeseen events. Please provide a contact number when registering for educational programs in order to be notified promptly.


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- 2010 Calendar/Programs (pdf)
- Tips for a Family Visit (Word)
- For Visitors with Small Children (Word)
- Learning to Look Guide (pdf)
- Discussing sensitive subjects with children (Word)
- Addressing nudity in art (Word)

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