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Welcome to the website of the Museum of Art & Archaeology at the University of Missouri! Here you'll find a brief overview of the Museum's programs and offerings. You'll also be introduced to some of the remarkable collections held by the Museum, and learn some of the stories behind those objects.

But Museums aren't just collections of things, however significant or beautiful. They're also collections of people - people sharing a common passion for studying, documenting and interpreting the world's artistic and archaeological traditions, and also sharing an uncommon commitment to the development and preservation of the collections for the benefit of future generations. They form an unbroken chain from earlier generations of Museum staff to the Museum professionals of today. In these pages you'll meet some of them, as we try to put a human face on the Museum's ongoing research projects and interpretive programs.

While we hope this website answers some of your questions about the Museum, it's designed to whet your appetite rather than to satisfy it. Nothing takes the place of an actual visit, of being engaged by authentic works of art or objects from antiquity, and being inspired by the achievements of peoples spanning six continents and more than seven millennia. We look forward to welcoming Alex Barkeryou to the Museum of Art & Archaeology.

Alex Barker

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The Museum is currently closed and moving to Mizzou North. Please continue to check our website for updates and the openings of galleries.