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Selected Statements of Ethics, Best Practice and Policy

Regarding Cultural Property, Antiquities, and Anthropological/Archaeological Objects

Archaeological Societies

Archaeological Institute of America

  • 1991 Code of Ethics (pdf)
  • public response to AAMD acquisitions policies for antiquities
  • general page of information regarding antiquities acquisitions:
  • AIA guidelines for acquisitions (pdf)
  • AIA formal statement regarding AAMD guidelines (pdf)
  • AIA statement regarding 1954 Hague Convention (pdf); does not address US Committee of the Blue Shield

Australian Archaeological Association

  • 1991 Code of Ethics

Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists

  • 1980 Code of Ethics

Canadian Archaeological Association

European Association of Archaeologists

Institute of Field Archaeologists

  • Codes, bylaws, standards and policy statements

Register of Professional Archaeologists

  • 1998 Code of Conduct and Standards of Research Performance

Society for American Archaeology

  • 1996 Principles of Archaeological Ethics
  • editorial policy, see p. 5 (pdf)
  • recent news in archaeological ethics
  • Case Studies from the Annual Archaeological Ethics Bowl

Society for Historical Archaeology

  • 1993 Standards and Guidelines for the Curation of Archaeological Collections, SHA Newsletter. 26(4):3-5
  • Ethical Principles of the Society for Historical Archaeology

World Archaeological Congress

Anthropology Organizations

American Anthropological Association

  • 1998 Code of Ethics of the American Anthropological Association
  • 1967 Statement on Problems of Anthropological Research and Ethics
  • 1971 Principles of Professional Responsibility
  • 2007 Draft Response to AAMD Guidelines (wording same as SAA and CMA responses)
  • Ethics Case Study, "To Accept or not Accept," with commentary

Association for Social Anthropologists

  • Ethical Guidelines

National Association for the Practice of Anthropology

  • 1988 Ethical Guidelines for Practitioners

Society for Applied Anthropology

Museum Organizations

American Association of Museums

  • 1991 Code of Ethics for Museums
  • 2006 Statement on Cultural Property Issues
  • 2006 Accreditation Commission Statement on Acquisition, Documentation and Transparency regarding Cultural Property (pdf)

International Council of Museums

  • 1986 ICOM Code of Ethics for Museums

Association of Art Museum Directors

  • 2004 AAMD Statement on Acquisition of Archaeological Materials and Ancient Art (pdf)
  • 2006 AAMD Guidelines for Loans of Ancient Art (pdf)

Other Cultural Resource Organizations

American Cultural Resources Association

  • 1996 Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct of the American Cultural Resources Association

American Institute for the Conservation of Historic and Artistic Work

  • 1994 AIC Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice

International Council on Monuments and Sites

  • ICOMOS home
  • Charters Adopted by the General Assembly of ICOMOS
  • Burra Charter: The Australia ICOMOS Charter for the Conservation of Places of Cultural Significance
  • 1990 Charter for the Protection and Management of the Archaeological Heritage
  • 1996 Charter on the Protection and Management of Underwater Cultural Heritage
  • 2002 (revised) Ethical Commitment Statement for ICOMOS Members

Illicit Antiquities Research Centre - A project of the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research

Protocols for Native American Archival Materials

The Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia

  • Policy on Management of Culturally Sensitive Material
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