Dreams of the Surreal

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Tuesday, Mar 11, 2008 to Sunday, Jul 13, 2008

Dreams of the Surreal Poster

Surrealism was an international artistic and literary movement that was founded in Paris in 1924. Evolving out of Dada, the new movement embraced the same revolutionary politics, distaste for cultural conventions and use of chance in the creation of art. In contrast to the irreverent, subversive and liberating tendency of Dadaism, however, Surrealism sought to fuse reality and the unconscious to arrive at a “super-reality,” or “surréalisme.” The goal was to create “automatic” art that came from the true functioning of the mind without any intervention. Artistic creativity was freed from the constraints of reason, morals and aesthetic concerns. In exploring this, the Surrealists were deeply influenced by the ideas of Freud and his study of the power of the subconscious and the importance of dreams in exploring the subconscious. Each of the works of art selected for this exhibition subverts the normal in a unique way. They evidence a wide variety of approaches and media toward the representation of dreams and unconscious thoughts. The disruptions of space and time and coexistence of the real and bizarre, all painted with great attention to detail and in a realistic manner, speak to a part of the viewer buried deep inside the brain. Surrealist art doesn’t have to make sense. The feeling of disorientation that the works induce in the viewer is intended to speak to the subconscious directly.

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