MUSE, Volume 23 & 24, 1989–1990

MUSE, Volume 23 & 24, 1989–1990

This 23rd and 24th volumes of the Annual of the Museum of Art and Archaeology includes articles entitled:

  • Kalavasos-Kopetra, 1989-1990 by Marcus L. Rautman and Murray C. McClellan
  • A Homeless Bill Goat in Missouri by Emily A. Hemelrijk, Jr. and Jaap M. Hemelrijk, Sr.
  • Gaming Heroes, Ajax and Achilles on a Lekythos in Missouri by William R. Biers
  • Two Etruscan Votive Heads in the Museum of Art and Archaeology by Stephen Smithers
  • A Bronze Base From Syria by Eugene N. Lane
  • A Gold Finger Ring and the Empress Eudocia by Jane C. Biers
  • Tigers...and the Kishi School of Japanese Painting by Richard L. Wilson

162 pages

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