Permission to Publish Request

Information regarding photographic orders and conditions governing permission to reproduce (an) image(s) of artwork

  1. All orders for photographic images and applications to reproduce images must be in writing. The MAA order form must be signed by the applicant and countersigned by an MAA official, and all applicable fees must be paid, before the permission to reproduce becomes effective. Forms should be directed to the attention of the REGISTRAR. The form may be submitted electronically without the applicant’s signature, but must be followed by a signed paper copy before the order will be fulfilled.
  2. Once granted, permission to reproduce may not be sold or transferred and is for one-time-use only, unless specified. Reprints, subsequent editions, or additional uses of any kind must be preceded by a new application and are not covered by the original permission and fees.
  3. The image of the artwork must be reproduced in its entirety unless indentified as a “detail.” Superimposing type or other imagery upon the photograph, cropping the image, bleeding the image off the page, or printing the  image on colored stock paper is prohibited without prior written permission from MAA.
  4. The full credit line as provided by MAA must appear in the immediate proximity to the reproduction, or in the section of the publication devoted to acknowledgments or credits.
  5. Unless otherwise agreed to by MAA, the applicant shall promptly send to the museum ONE copy, free-of-charge, of the publication or item in/on which the reproduction(s) appear(s). Send the copy to the REGISTRAR.
  6. All applicable charges, in accordance with MAA’s current schedule of fees, will apply. The museum does not supply images free-of-charge for consideration purposes. Fees must be paid before photos will be supplied. Fees are non-refundable.
  7. In the case of applications where the intended use of a photographic image is of a commercial nature, additional reproduction fees may apply.
  8. Any applicant purchasing an image for study purposes only, who later decides to reproduce or publish it, must first secure written permission from the MAA. In this case, it is necessary to file a new application form.

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