Collections Management Policy

Collections Management Policy establishes the principles and the legal and ethical responsibilities for the acquisition, care, and use of the collections of the Museum of Art and Archaeology at the University of Missouri (hereafter "the Museum").

The official mission of the Museum of Art & Archaeology is to advance "understanding of our artistic and cultural heritage through research, collection and interpretation. We help students, scholars and the broader community to experience authentic and significant art and artifacts firsthand, and to place them in meaningful contexts. We further this mission by preserving, enhancing and providing access to the collections for the benefit of present and future generations."

This policy extends the Museum's Statement Mission Statement and its Code of Ethics. It also establishes a framework for the implementation of procedures that may be developed by the Museum.

To promote public trust and accountability, the Museum of Art and Archaeology will make its Collections Management Policy, Institutional Code of Ethics and related policies publicly accessible through its website and other venues.

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Museum Galleries are CLOSED.
The Museum is preparing to move to a new location at the lower east level of Ellis Library in the center of the MU campus.
Reopening date is as yet unknown. It is hope that the galleries will be open by Spring/Summer 2022.

"I still remember the feeling of awe and disbelief when I was alone and walked in the room with those casts." --Ruth Tofle, chair of architecture, winner of the 2013 distinguished faculty award from the MU Alumni Association