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I am currently serving as editor of Muse, the annual scholarly journal of the Museum of Art and Archaeology, along with my other duties as museum educator.   The next issue of Muse (2019/2020) will contain an article written by Roger Bagnall, Alexander Jones, and myself. The Museum has a second century funerary stele with a Greek inscription identifying Heliodora, a Roman woman in Egypt, and it turns out she was an astrologer. Pretty cool!

I was pleased to find “Levitha” (image to the right) in the ancient gallery when I arrived at the Museum in 2006: a funerary bust of a woman dating about 97-98 CE. It is inscribed in ancient Greek, which is how it is dated and how the woman portrayed can be identified as “Levitha.” Thanks to Levitha, I was able to tie together topics of epigraphy, cultural negotiation, and class standing all in one article: “A Matter of Life and Death: ‘Reading’ a Funerary Monument.”  Muse 43 (2009) 31-45. 

More recent publications are below. I was editor for a Festschrift in honor of Gene Lane of the Classical Studies Department at MU.  Ancient Journeys: A Festschrift in Honor of Eugene Lane (2002) 

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My dissertation, from the University of Washington, was on the oath in epic poetry (Homer, Apollonius of Rhodes, and Vergil).


“Reverse Ekphrasis: The Visual Poetics of Nancy Morejón’s Amo mi a Amo.” Afro-Hispanic Review 36, Number 2 (Fall 2017).

“Educational Programming for Cultural Bricolage: Artists’ Books Conference and Exhibition.” Art Education. (November 2017).

A is For Art and Archaeology, with Kristie Lee, Museum of Art and Archaeology, University of Missouri. 2013.

“A Matter of Life and Death: ‘Reading’ a Funerary Monument.” Muse 43 (2009) 31-45.

"Publishing a Festschrift in the 21st Century: the Virtual Dodo." Cloelia (Fall 2002) 27-29.

Editor, Ancient Journeys: A Festschrift in Honor of Eugene Lane (2002) on–line  at




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