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Access to and use of image files and data on this site are protected. All digital image files and associated texts are the property of The Museum of Art and Archaeology, University of Missouri, and are made available on this site for non-commercial, personal use only. The Museum of Art and Archaeology specifically retains any rights, including possible copyright, which it may have in the images and texts.

Copying or redistributing these materials in any manner for personal or corporate gain is prohibited. Any public or commercial use of these materials without prior written permission is a violation of federal copyright law and may also violate the rights of third parties.

Digital images of any artwork in the Museum’s collection may be obtained for a fee. For general inquiries regarding collection objects and images please contact the Registrar. If you know the specific object for which you wish to obtain an image, you may download, complete, sign and submit a Photo Request Form. This form also provides the terms and conditions for image use. The form may be submitted by faxing or mailing a hard copy.

Please send your request to:
          Museum of Art and Archaeology
          Mizzou North
          115 Business Loop 70 West
          Columbia, Missouri 65211-8310
          email the Registrar

Fees for images are determined according to the intended use, and by the availability of suitable existing images versus images that will require new photography. Contact the Registrar for cost estimates regarding the specific image you are seeking. Payment is required before release of all photographic material. Please allow three to four weeks for the processing of each photographic image order.

Each request for permission to reproduce an image of an artwork held by the Museum of Art and Archaeology is reviewed and granted or not granted on a case-by-case basis.

Works of art owned by the Museum of Art & Archaeology may be protected by copyright not held by the museum. The museum assumes no responsibility for any royalties or fees claimed by the artist or on his or her behalf by artist representatives.


Mizzou North
115 Business Loop 70 West
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Phone: 573-882-3591

Museum Galleries are CLOSED.
The Museum is preparing to move to a new location at the lower east level of Ellis Library in the center of the MU campus.
Reopening date is as yet unknown. It is hope that the galleries will be open by Spring/Summer 2022.

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