Benton Kidd

Associate Curator of Ancient Art
Research Interests: 

My particular areas of study are the cities of Hellenistic and Roman Asia Minor, the Levant, and North Africa. The majority of my research has focused on architecture and its decoration from these areas, including the evolution of the classical orders and their modes of decoration. My current research concerns Masonry Style stucco in the Hellenistic East, particularly that from the LHSB (Late Hellenistic Stuccoed Building), a luxurious villa excavated by the Universities of Missouri and Michigan at Tel Anafa in Israel. More broadly, I am interested in the growth of the Hellenistic cosmopolis, the intermingling of Greek and non-Greek cultures, the syncretistic religions that formed during the period, the royal dynasties that governed these regions, and the resultant impact on the succeeding Roman empire.

Tel Anafa: The Decorative Stuccowork from the LHSB (Journal of Roman Archaeology Supplements) [in progress].

Contributor to Testament of Time, Selected Objects from the Collection of Palestinian Antiquities in the Museum of Art and Archaeology at the University of Missouri-Columbia (Cranbury, NJ 2004).

"The Identity Crisis of a Roman Empress," Muse 36–38 (2002–2004) 44–66.

"Technique and Analysis of the Tel Anafa Stucco," Muse 33–35 (1999–2001) 4–13.

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