Fringe projection blue-light scanning of the Capitoline Roman Black Gloss ceramics, by Damien Vurpillot and Valérie Taillandier  of the Labatoire Chrono-Environnement , Université de Franche-Comté (UBFC) in BesançonResearch represents one of the Museum’s core functions defined in the Museum's mission statement. Rather than merely repackaging knowledge through exhibitions and interpretation, the Museum seeks to actively expand its frontiers through original research. The Museum of Art and Archaeology has a long history of substantive research in art, art history, and archaeology as well as closely allied disciplines, and continues its commitment to making its collections and resources available to the scholarly community at large. In addition to supporting staff-based research projects, we welcome research by MU staff and students as well as by visiting scholars. Please don't hesitate to contact members of the Museum staff with questions regarding research access, or with suggestions of resources which would promote ongoing research relating to the Museum's collections and areas of interest.

Current research projects by Museum staff include:

The Museum contributes to a range of other international research and cataloguing projects, including the Gothic Ivories Project, the Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative, the Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum and ASMOSIA, the Association for the Study of Marble and Other Stones in Antiquity

Information regarding staff areas of research, access by visiting scholars, and resources for visiting scholars is available through the links on this page. Information on the Museum's Collections is available on this website, and an Illustrated Museum Handbook: A Guide to the Collections in the Museum of Art and Archaeology also is available.


The Museum publishes a peer-reviewed journal, MUSE, which includes scholarly contributions relating to the Museum's collections, field projects and disciplinary foci. PDFs are available to download of all MUSE volumes FREE of charge. Contributions are welcomed, and may be addressed to:

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Editor, MUSE (Dr. Cathy Callaway)
Museum of Art and Archaeology
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(573) 882-5076


Past copies of MUSE are available, along with other Museum publications. See all publications

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Museum Galleries are CLOSED.
The Museum is preparing to move to a new location at the lower east level of Ellis Library in the center of the MU campus.
Reopening date is as yet unknown. It is hope that the galleries will be open by Spring/Summer 2022.

"I still remember the feeling of awe and disbelief when I was alone and walked in the room with those casts." --Ruth Tofle, chair of architecture, winner of the 2013 distinguished faculty award from the MU Alumni Association