Exhibition Dates: 

Friday, Feb 15, 2019 to Sunday, Jul 21, 2019

This exhibition will ask critical questions about portrayals of the female nude, a prevalent subject throughout European and American art. Do justifications of representing the nude as natural, beautiful, and traditional hold up to critical awareness of the subjugation of women and objectification of their bodies throughout history? How do we reconcile the heroic personae of artists with their mistreatment and abuse of women in their lives, whether models, muses, lovers, or wives?

ATTENTION: Objectified: The Female Form and the Male Gaze directly and frankly addresses important social issues and conventions concerning the objectification of women in western art. Some viewers may find particular works challenging, and viewer discretion is advised.

Additional Supportive Materials

Visitors to the gallery exhibition of Objectified were encouraged to write comments responding to the exhibition. These were written on post-it notes and stuck up for display by their writers outside the galleries. Read their comments: Objectified: Post-It Comments PDF