Scholars from all disciplines are welcome to study the Museum of Art and Archaeology’s (MA&A) collections and associated records. Some materials may be unavailable for study, for example, objects on loan, on exhibit, those in the process of conservation, or currently in use by other researchers. 


Researchers are asked to submit a completed Form to Request Access to Collections to the MA&A’s Registrar four weeks before the proposed research visit. All requests are subject to curatorial review and availability of staff and workspace. 

Image Credit: 
Amphoriskos, Greek, 480 – 425 BCE, Glass, 85.43, Weinberg Fund 

Request Access to Collection form
Amphoriskos Greek pottery


Flash photography is not permitted in the MA&A's galleries, although photography using available light is welcomed. Any photographs taken by visiting researchers are to be used for personal research and documentary purposes only. Permission for any other use, including publication, electronic transmission, general distribution, or commercial use, must be secured from the Registrar.  

Image Credit: 
Pyramids, Roy Lichtenstein, American, 1969, Lithograph on paper, 80.207, Purchased with the aid of funds from the National Endowment for the Arts and an anonymous gift in memory of Professor Walter Miller (1864-1949) 

Contact the Registrar
Pyramids by Roy Lichtenstein

Image Use

The MA&A accepts requests to use and reproduce material in its collections or for which it holds copyright. Publication of any material requires written permission from the MA&A and any holders of the copyright where necessary. Fees for images are determined according to the intended use, and by the availability of images. Each request is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  

For general inquiries please contact the Registrar. Complete, sign and submit an Image Use Request form to the Registrar. This form also provides the terms and conditions for image use.  

Image pictured: Preparation of the Seat of Enlightenment, Pakistan (Gandhara), 2nd-3rd century, Schist, Gift of Alan and Ann Wolfe (92.71)

Image Use Request form
preparation of the seat of enlightenment