Recently, Cooper Drury, Dean of the College of Arts & Science, announced Daniel Eck has been appointed director of the Museum of Art and Archaeology effective June 27, 2022.

Eck brings professional expertise leading renowned natural history and art museums as well as academic experience as a university president.

“It is an honor to join an institution with such a distinguished history of academic research, collecting, and outreach at such a pivotal time in its history, and it will be a privilege to work with the museum team, university faculty staff, and students, donors, and community members, including the Museum Associates, to help move the museum forward,” said Eck.

Some of his professional accomplishments include serving as a university president, a museum director, and as a non-profit consultant.

The depth and breadth of Daniel’s experience, paired with his innovative vision for the Museum of Art and Archaeology’s future, make him the ideal person for this important position.The museum is vital to our college and our community, and I am delighted to know its future is in the right hands. Additionally, I thank the entire search committee for their dedication and diligent work to insure our museum’s future.

–Cooper Drury, Dean of the College of Arts & Science

The Museum of Art and Archaeology’s mission is to advance the understanding of our artistic and cultural heritage through research, collection, and interpretation. It enriches the educational experience of our students, scholars, and our community and beyond to experience authentic and significant art and artifacts firsthand and place them in historical contexts that enrich their understanding. The museum achieves its mission by preserving, enhancing, and providing access to the collections for the benefit of present and future generations.